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Overwhelming Harmony

Here, there and everywhere

Now, then and every time


Skies turn from pink to black in the evening

Skies turn from black to pink in the morning


It will be like that forever

No one can stop it. Never!


Different but so close to each other

Not the same but always together


Differences not necessarily divide

Complementarities sometimes arise


Although common sense rarely wins

And stereotypes too rarely lose


No need to change the whole world

Because our luck is worth more than gold


As much as insults, threats and violence

Are no weapons against insane confidence


The right and freedom to choose

Is a game where no one can lose


Step back and take a rest

There always is a cosy nest


But where to find hold?

Nobody ever has told


Is it in the country I was born?

Is it in the place I have grown?


It may be much closer

It may be much easier


What if it were in each of us?

Something that we never lost!


Life really is lovely,

Overwhelming Harmony!


By: Frankie Baby

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Founder of Secrets of a Poet a poetics garden for anonymous poets.

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  1. Skies turn from pink to black in the evening
    Skies turn from black to pink in the morning

    My favourite part, I love this subtle representation of the continual cycle of life in such a picturesque manner bringing the words on the page to life.
    Poet recently posted..Overwhelming HarmonyMy Profile

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